Custom Order Quote - CQ5170


SKU: 2544~CQ5170
Included In Order
Fitted Sheets 
Mattress Length: 72 in Mattress Width: 58 in Mattress Depth: 8 in 
Custom Length: 72 in Custom Width: 58 in Custom Depth: 8 in 
Fabric & Color: 200 TC - White 
Quantity: 1 

Flat Sheets 
Mattress Length: Length in Mattress Width: Width in 
Custom Length: Length in Custom Width: Width in 
Fabric & Color: Select a Fabric and Color 
Quantity: 1 


Manufacturing Time
Standard Manufacturing
Includes Included In Order Fitted Sheets Mattress Length: 72 in Mattress Width: 58 in Mattress Depth: 8 in Custom Length: 72 in Custom Width: 58 in Custom Depth: 8 in Fabric & Color: 200 TC - White Quantity: 1 Flat Sheets Mattress Length: Length in Mattress Width: Width in Custom Length: Length in Custom Width: Width in Fabric & Color: Select a Fabric and Color Quantity: 1 Manufacturing Time Standard Manufacturing
Fabric Type 200 Thread count
Available Colors White
Pattern Solid
Care Instructions Machine Washable