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About This Fabric

Our 200 thread count poly/cotton fabric is a high-quality blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

The material is a top choice for strong, durable, comfortable sheets. It's more wrinkle-resistant, pill-resistant, and fade-resistant than 100% cotton fabric, while our custom blend ensures breathability.

The 200 count poly/cotton washes well, needs no ironing to maintain its crisp finish, and resists tears.

We recommend this fabric as a go-to choice for easy-care linens that will retain their comfort and beauty for years to come.

About This Fabric

Our 300 thread count 100% cotton fabric is our top seller for good reason. The crisp percale finish provides optimal airflow between threads, providing the perfect conditions for an optimal sleep temperature.

This fabric is more durable and less prone to pilling than sateen weaves and will actually get softer and cozier as you wash it.

We use single-ply, long-staple cotton for maximum durability that will stand up wonderfully to everyday use.

Pick percale for a soft, cool sleep that will leave you refreshed and energized each day. 

About This Fabric

If only the best will do, our 500 thread count 100% cotton is the choice for you. The king of fabrics, it will take you back to the incredible nights’ sleep you’ve had in luxury hotels and resorts.

Combining a high thread count, single-ply, long-staple cotton, and our signature percale weave, we created a smooth premium fabric with a lightweight and airy feel that will last for years to come. This superior cotton will get softer every time you wash it while remaining durable and resisting pilling.

Indulge yourself with the softest, coolest sleep ever for a world-class experience in your own bedroom.

About This Fabric

If you love curling up under the blankets beside a fireplace on a cold winter evening, our 100% cotton flannel is just what you’re looking for.

It’s the material of choice for a warm, cozy fabric that is soft to the touch.

Unlike other 100% cotton fabrics, thread count is not an indicator or measurement of quality for flannel. Instead, the quality of flannel fabric is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Too high a GSM results in a thick material that sheds excess thread and sleeps too hot, while too low a GSM results in poor quality linens that do not last. With a weight of 185 GSM, we have precisely calibrated the feel and quality of our flannel to be durable, long-lasting, soft, and warm without being overwhelmingly hot or thick.

So get the fireplace going and cuddle up. Our flannel sheets will keep you cozy for years to come.

About This Fabric

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About This Fabric

Sleep in soft, smooth luxury on our satin bedding.

Satin’s unique weave creates a shiny, elastic fabric with a distinctive look and feel. At night, you’ll relax in satin’s cool comfort that won’t tangle or stick. Even dry or itchy skin finds relief in satin.

Satin pillowcases are gentle on hair, causing less breakage than other fabrics. During the day, you’ll appreciate satin’s elegant drape, vibrant color, and wrinkle resistance.

Satin is durable, too. Its long filament fibers are woven tightly for a fabric that will last for years. Experience the lavish comfort of satin, and you’ll never go back to other bedding again.

About This Fabric

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